Hot Take Music

Custom music composition and production for advertising, film & TV, and digital media.



Our process is simple: you give us your vision, we give you our music. Check out the video below for a brief demonstration.


Original Music Composition

Emotive music and polished production—you name the genre.

Audio Branding and Musical Logos

Enhance your brand with a unique audio logo. Want an example?


An exceptional product needs an exceptional spokesperson.


Unforgettable melodies that are perfect for singing along to.

Picture of Kian

Kian Ravaei

Composer and Producer

Kian began reluctantly playing piano at the age of four, but went on to pursue a life devoted to musical expression. His rapid musical progress as a guitarist and composer surpassed the expectations of his music instructors and allowed him to enter the highly competitive Music Composition program at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music. Kian’s experience in the world of professional music, as composer, arranger, and producer, belies his age. In addition to studying with master musicians such as session guitarist Joe DiBlasi and film composer Peter Golub, Kian has won numerous scholarships, awards, and competitions, including the Berklee Songwriting Contest. He currently resides in Los Angeles.